Another Day of Hell in Paradise

A successful young Wall Street executive finally marries the woman of his dreams, only to discover that she has a rare illness. Based on an incredible true story, Just Another Day of Hell in Paradise, is an intimate and defiant account of how this undiagnosed illness upends their life.

It starts out as Lyme disease, for which she is treated, but soon leads them to discover that there is more to her diagnosis. Her illness continues to grow to the point where she becomes increasingly sensitive to a widening range of allergens, similar to the Boy in the Bubble.

Brian and Deirdre are forced to leave the city. And thus begins a journey that takes them further and further away from any semblance of life as they knew it. In an effort to save her life, they stop at no expense to uncover the truth. They travel across many states and countries in search of a solution.

Yet the passage is mental as well as physical. Brian boldly describes his humbling and heartfelt experience of coping with the loss of everything he worked so hard to acquire along the way. With unflinching honesty, he chronicles his struggles with a career crisis, their relationship issues, as well as his own personal identity, as they both try to make peace with a life turned upside down.

In the end, Brian and Deirdre face the challenge of their lives, as all the problem-solving resources they relied upon until now can no longer save them. With a deep commitment and perseverance, they manage to exist on the beach without even a tent, which has now become too toxic as well. They are drowning. Literally and figuratively. Until finally one of them lets go.

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