Quantum Activation With Gary Stuart

Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities
Amit Goswami PhD ~ Gary Stuart ~ Carl David Blake
FOREWORD by Dr. Partha Nandi &
contribution by Valerie Renee Sheppard
Thanks to everyone supporting this launch!
“You will learn the science behind overcoming obstacles and the scenes of the universe of infinite possibilities, which can be coaxed into almost as many actualities of experience.” Deepak Chopra
Life prepares us daily with many challenges and obstacles as an opportunity for change. It seems the universe of human experience is based on polarities. This means that any negative experience feeds the positive in order to restore balance and harmony. Conversely, it also means that the positive can feed the negative thus creating more catalysts for change. Adaptation seems to be the grandest paradox of all.
Our collective intention for this book Quantum Activation is to inform and guide our readers with a thought-provoking opportunity to expand their viewpoint within their own life. There’s nothing to believe other than alternative ways to address what doesn’t serve your highest good. Our sincere hope is to inspire you with thought provoking information from quantum physics to many other schools of thought which emerged throughout many centuries.
Our personal goal is to assist you in moving past negative ancestral patterns and behaviors can stop your progress. We support your personal evolution and empowerment to make your dreams come true.
  • What if your OBSTACLE is actually a GIFT?
  • Quantum Activation
  • Transforming OBSTACLES into OPPORTUNITIES!

Gary Stuart visits with Mark Alyn on this edition of Late Night Health.

You can listen to Gary and Mark here

or watch them here

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