Music To Soothe The Savage Beast – You!

Sound Health, Healing Music, Meditation and Mindfulness

We’re all familiar with the general concept of the healing powers of music. It’s usually songs with words that we turn to for emotional
Support in times of tragedy, for instance.

Less well known is the healing power of tone and mindful composition techniques that make it easy to shift our attention into awareness of the present moment.

Most traditional music, from Bach to rock, blues to classical, pop to rap, includes subtle stressors built into the structure of the composition itself. 22

Anything that adds to our stress level is usually not a good idea to choose when you need to relieve your stress and enjoy meaningful physical and psychological relaxation. Indeed, as the landmark research published in “The Relaxation Response” by Harvard’s Dr Herbert Benson documents, unrelieved stress is a major
Contributory or amplifying factor in over 85% of disease.

Clearly, it makes sense to bring more resources into your life that can help you reduce stress and feel better.

And one of the easiest, effective, and enjoyable ways to relax and uplift is with relaxing, healing music. It’s a new genre of music introduced to the world
In 1975 with my first release, the LP album “Spectrum Suite”(now called CHAKRA SUITE)

Using music to resonate and activate your innate relaxation response supports the innate intelligence of your body/mind. It’s in this state that you can
Best instruct your genes to express for y our optimal health. That’s what Deepak Chopra recommends in “Super Genes.”

On several of my latest programs, I combine healing music, subliminal affirmations and brainwave entrainment tones to focus attention and
intention in a way that really supports a specific goal. “Optimal Health at the Speed of Sound” and “Relax into Sleep” are two of the most popular subjects.

Over 70 million people dealing with a chronic sleep deficiency More and more are discovering the benefits of using these multi-layered audio programs as a non-drug, non-addicting choice to help them fall asleep?

We’ll be discussing how to know how to identify the relaxation and healing response, and shifting into mindfulness, with live demonstrations as well.

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