Mighty Mito – Energy to the Rescue


Dr Susanne Bennett joins Mark Alyn to talk about how to get your energy back. Ever wonder why children run around with endless energy, and you’re ready to fall asleep just watching them? In her new book “Mighty Mito™”, Dr. Susanne Bennett, DC, CCSP, has the answer!

It all has to do with the mitochondria, our ‘cellular batteries’, which are present in almost every cell in the body.

Research shows that aging, and its associated health issues and lower energy levels, is linked to a decline in mitochondrial function. As we age the levels of antioxidants in our mitochondria deplete, increasing free radical damage to mitochondrial cellular anatomy, including the delicate mitochondrial DNA. Due to this aging process and free radical damage, our mitochondria function and numbers declines during the early thirties, at a rate of 10% every decade of life.

In her #1 best-selling book, Dr. Bennett presents a scientific and proven program of nutrition and lifestyle changes that will improve your energy levels naturally by optimizing your mitochrondria’s ability to process food and oxygen to convert them to energy. The book offers a 5-step Mighty Mito plan that includes recipes, as well as a discussion of vitamins and supplements.

In the vitamin and supplement chapter, Dr. Bennett points out her own clinical study where she collected patient symptom surveys before and after the intake of MitoQ®, a CoEnzyme Q10 supplement. The resulted were very promising— patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s revealed that within 2 weeks of taking the MitoQ® supplement, they started to experience less fatigue and were able to sustain longer bouts of body and brain energy throughout the day.

In addition, “Mighty Mito™” provides exercise tips, stress reduction techniques and strategies on how to create a mitochrondria-friendly physical environment; all of which will improve healthy mitochrondrial function to help people regain optimal energy resources and recover from chronic illnesses.


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