Making America Whole

Cover of Fix Yourself Aniexty Handbook

The What, The Who, The How, and The When By Faust Ruggiero, M.S.

The best times are becoming the worst times. We live in a world that has the potential to offer everyone who lives here a safe and decent way of life. The advances in technology have opened the door to quantum leaps forward in the fields of medicine, food production, and information dissemination. Even as we move from the grasp of a worldwide pandemic that could have had a crippling effect on the nation, there is still an abundance of resources, entertainment vehicles, social outlets, and employment opportunities.

In comparison to so many underdeveloped nations, the United states still has the potential to provide its citizens with everything we need to be happy, content, and productive. So, why do we see so much discontent and anger in a nation where we should be grateful for all we have?

Without going into a long dissertation about what is missing in our nation, suffice it to say that the division we are experiencing is reaching epidemic levels. As I am writing this article, I received word of two more mass-killings. We cannot look at the anger and violence as some type of temporary situation in our nation that will eventually dissipate, and we will return to normal. It is time to stop tearing at each other. We need to devise and implement an actionable plan to unify this nation, and we need to begin that now. We need to understand that before we can begin making any changes, we need to learn how to communicate with each other in and environment that is warm and safe. We need to be considerate of other people’s opinions, and stop considering opposing views as being expressed by people who are our enemies. Our ability to work together in a unified fashion rests on our willingness to understand the fundamentals of sound communication, and to use them to address the issues which we face now, and in the future. Nothing we do will improve until this happens.

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