Living Guided With Jennifer Weber

From an early age, Jennifer was an empath, feeling the energy of others and the environments around her very strongly.  As she grew into her teens, she felt a very strong connection with God and wanted to serve in some way, even contemplated becoming a nun.  By her 20s, she began to realize that she was also very intuitive.  Later in her life, during a particularly difficult time, Jennifer surrendered her life to God and her gift of intuition and desire to serve grew stronger.  It then became her calling to guide people onto the path that was created for them so they may begin living a life of purpose – consciously co-creating it with God.  She has had visions from Heaven, as well as communication, and has received incredible guidance and miracles, and these have healed her and others.  She consistently feels guided and teaches people that through a stronger connection with God they receive direction, purpose, and clarity of their life’s mission. Jennifer speaks with Mark Alyn and Robert Clancy during this episode of Late Night Health.

You can listen to the group here:

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