Komen Treatment Assistance Program Telethon

Late Night Health has been a proud sponsor of Susan G. Komen Los Angeles County for a number of years. Mark Alyn welcomes Mark Pilon, the Executive Director, back to the show to discuss National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all that the affiliate is doing this October, despite the pandemic.

First is the October 3 Telethon on KCAL-9 to raise the $500,000 immediately needed for the Komen Treatment Assistance Program.

The Treatment Assistance Program provides financial support to cover immediate patient needs such as childcare, eldercare, transportation for treatment, portions of rent or living expenses, food, oral pain medication, durable medical equipment, oral chemotherapy and more.

The demand for assistance regularly outpaces available funds, and the layoffs caused by the coronavirus pandemic have increased the need for TAP funds. Your support will directly assist many of these vulnerable patients and their families now when they need the help most.

Nearly 16 million women and men live in the Southern California service areas of Susan G. Komen. In Los Angeles alone, each year, almost 6,000 are diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 1,100 people die from the disease. In the Komen Los Angeles County service area, 21 families will lose a loved one to breast cancer each week. URL for donations ishttps://komenlacounty.org/TAP.

Komen Los Angeles was first to schedule an annual Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference, eight years ago. This year the local affiliates have teamed up with Komen New York and will present the Los Angeles to New York Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference from October 1 to October 31, a full month of programming for the Metastatic Breast Cancer Community in an interactive online live-streamed environment that encourages the formation of a national community of patients, caregivers, research scientists, oncologists and advocates.

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