How to Be Comfortable While Sitting At Your Computer During The Covid-19 Crisis

Many Americans who are in quarantine due to the coronavirus are finding themselves sitting at a computer for long periods of time throughout the day and are developing repetitive strain injuries such as neck and shoulder pain or carpel tunnel syndrome. These injuries are caused by overusing the same position while using the computer.

In this interview physical therapist, Marianne Ryan PT discusses how to avoid these types of injuries by making ergonomic changes to your home workstation. In the past decade, many studies prove the old fashion way therapists used to teach “proper ergonomics” was the wrong advice. Patients were often told to sit stiff positions with the chair at a specific angle for the entire day.

The best thing to do when using a computer is to alternate sitting positions and how you use the computer keyboard throughout the day. “The best position is the next position”. Ryan explained that when she wrote her book, Baby Bod, she used a laptop computer and alternated the type of keyboard several times per day. She totaled between using a bluetooth keyboard and the keyboard on the laptop.

Using an expensive “ergonomic” chair will not always prevent developing aches and pains. What is more important is to make sure the chair is the right fit for you. Find out some suggestions on how your chair should fit. Marianne visits with Mark on this edition of the show.

You can learn more about Marianne and her techniques on her website:

During the second half of this segment,  Robert Clancy talks about motivation. Listen  here:

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