Harnessing the Nine Hallmarks of Aging

Greg Macpherson, biotechnologist, pharmacist and author of “Harnessing the Nine Hallmarks of Aging,” returns to Late Night Health. He talks about senescent cells, also known as “zombie cells,” which accumulate with age and are associated with many disease states people experience later in life, can add a roadblock to your health now. Senescent cells are defined as cells that, over time, stop dividing but do not die off (which is how they got the nickname “zombie cells”). These cells can begin to release harmful chemicals in the body, damaging normal cells and causing inflammation. Researchers believe that these “zombie cells” have a lot to do with advanced aging and scientists are racing to find solutions that could dramatically help improve one’s healthspan, or how long someone lives without the threat of disease and chronic illnesses. A new study by Japanese scientists claims “zombie cells” can be eliminated by a newly developed vaccine that reportedly creates antibodies that attach themselves to senescent cells, allowing them to be removed by white blood cells. However, Macpherson says the technology to eliminate “zombie cells” already exists in nature (no vaccine required if you get started early).

Talking Points:
Three foods and supplements that assist with “zombie cell” elimination:
• strawberries (fisetin)
• olive leaf (oleuropein)
• chamomile tea (apigenin)

Three beneficial health reasons for eliminating “zombie cells” at any age:
• stimulation of fasting (autophagy) for a natural cleanse
• protects overweight individuals from disease and virus attacks
• keeps cells youthful for improved healthspan

Greg answers these questions:
• What are “zombie cells”?
• Who’s more prone to have “zombie” or senescent cells?
• Why are senescent cells harmful to our health?
• What are we learning about COVID’s response to senescent cells?
• How do you get rid of these so-called “zombie cells”?
senescent cells?
• Why is it beneficial to cleanse the body of senescent cells?
• What’s the difference between lifespan and healthspan?
• When do our cells start aging?
• Where can we get more information about your book and nutrients that benefit and help renew aging cells?

Find out more information here: www.theninehallmarksofaging.com/

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