Financial Toxicity for Cancer Patients

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CEO of LifeGuide Partners, Scott Page Talks About Financial Toxicity for Cancer Patients

You’ve been diagnosed with cancer, who do you see first: a medical specialist or a money manager? Scott Page, CEO of LifeGuide Partners offers advice on health-insurance plans and cost-saving methods for those diagnosed with cancer with overwhelming medical bills.

When someone is diagnosed with a serious illness, their immediate concern is their health, yet money is another obstacle they must face. The medical community and healthcare delivery system lack the resources to communicate the seriousness of the financial responsibilities that come with treatment and procedures, leaving individuals with outrageous medical bills with no knowledge of how to manage those costs. This phenomenon is known as financial toxicity, which leads to financial stresses that can severely impact the health of individuals, especially those already fighting such a serious condition like cancer.

As individuals are living longer, the likelihood of developing cancer is increasing. In fact, almost 40% of all males and 38% of all females in the United States will be diagnosed with one of the major types of cancer. Because the primary concern for retirement is how to enjoy yourself and pay for everyday things, oftentimes healthcare is overlooked. The average cost of cancer treatment is $150,000 in the United States, regardless of whether you have medical insurance, and it’s important that individuals understand this potential financial burden.

Scott Page, renowned financial expert, and CEO of LifeGuide Partners says healthcare needs to become apart of everyone’s retirement discussion to prepare for the possibility of substantial medical bills. Scott Page will share with your audience three ways to reduce the financial burdens that come with cancer treatments and other financial responsibilities: investigate state programs for financial assistance, cashing in your existing life insurance policy, and reverse-mortgage.

Scott Page is a published author and respected celebrity expert on retirement and financial issues facing seniors and baby boomers. His book “It’s Never Too Late” has received national attention and great reviews. Today, he is using his celebrity status as a spokesperson for LifeGuide, a company that helps seniors take advantage of new financial opportunities that have become available in recent years. During his career, he has helped thousands of America’s access millions of dollars to secure a better retirement.

Financial Toxicity for Cancer Patients – 

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