EZWay Awards To Benefit Children’s Hospital of Orange County

The eZWay Awards Golden Gala has announced over ten legends who have inspired, created, or have made a difference in this world are coming to support the award ceremony taking place on Friday, August 30, 2019, at the Center Club Orange County.  Hosted by Eric Zuley – a Multi-Media Marketing Mogul, speaker, branding, and promotions expert and Founder of eZWay Networks along with Reatha Grey from Betty White’s Off the Rockers, the Golden Gala will feature celebrities, international and award-winning speakers, entertainment, dinner, auctions as well as networking opportunities with high-powered influencers.

Besides celebrities and business leaders, the event will also feature amazing food, complimentary champagne, and dessert. Confirmed to attend and giving out awards named after them in various categories are James Dentley with the “Mentorship Award”, Sharon Lechter “Top Author Award”, Brian Smith “Brand of the Year Award”, John Shin “Think and Grow Rich Award”, Shea Vaughn “Woman of the Year Award”, Kate Linder “Volunteer of the Year Award”, Frank Shankwitz “Everyone Can Be A Hero Award”, Theresa Ashby “Business Solutions Award”, James Zuley “Faith Conquers All Award”, Dr. Dante Sears “Heartpreneur Award” and more.

Each will give out their respected awards to one of the over 40 nominees who will be in attendance.  “eZWay Awards Golden Gala is also a soft celebration for our eZWay Cares 501(c)3 official non-profit eZWay Cares Foundation” said Zuley. “We will announce the names of who will be on the board of advisors and who will be the executive director at the event,” he added.  Zuley has created the eZWay Wall of Fame to spotlight the heartpreneurs and influencers in the group that are making a digital difference.

The event will also go live on the eZWay Network & Advantage Video Systems where folks can watch this exciting event take place – http://ezway.tv

Some of the prominent celebrities and nominees confirmed to attend this event include NFL Hall of Famer Tim Brown, TV personality Judge Joe Brown, Pattie Sadler Host of The Pattie Sadler Show and Founder of NLC Publishing, Lynell Hamilton Chapter President of NFL Alumni, Netflix Actor/Producer/Writer Trae Ireland, Annie McKnight comedian from Conan O’Brien, Gary Miller celebrity music producer, Brian Nelson Willis founder of Billionaires Elite VIP, Jeff Spenard CEO and President of Voice America, the owner of Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles Herb Hudson, Shellie Hunt, the Founder Women of Global Change, John Highlandfrom Speaker’s Empire, Nay Nay Kirby Disney, Nickelodeon, Freeform actress, Jennifer Shultz celebrity stylist, Greg Raths Mayor of Mission Viejo, Penny Foskarisfounder of FoskarisWellness.com, Janet Zipper iHeart, JTZLIVE and many more Performers for the evening includes Carmelita Pittman kicking off the night with “God Bless America” Sheldon Reynolds from Earth, Wind and Fire, harpist/vocalist Cheryl Angela and award-winning singer/songwriter Shyla Day, Evan Disney Magician for the Magic Castle as seen on America’s Got Talent.

Eric Zuley on Late Night Health

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