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Dr. Bob Uslander headshotEveryone deserves to die well. By reimagining End of Life Care and helping to plan in advance, Empowered Endings™ enables everyone to do so.

This is what Dr. Bob Uslander and Late Night Health’s Mark Alyn discuss on this episode of the show. This unique, San Diego-headquartered company evolved based on Bob’s 30 years of experience as a physician in emergency medicine, palliative care and hospice and Elizabeth’s expertise in spiritual counseling and medical social work in end of life and grief care.

Dr. Bob and Elizabeth’s combined passion for assisting families at this stage of life has evolved into the Empowered Endings Collective, currently serving all of Southern California. With four entities under its umbrella, Empowered Endings has all End of Life needs well covered.

It addresses life-affirming care, essentially aging care, as an important part of the process,helping people plan during the last 10-20 years of their lives as well as assisting with options, resources, and supporting as things change.


The Empowered Endings Collective consists of a Medical Group, Foundation, Institute, and Medical Services Organization, all with the shared mission: to improve End of Life care for all and shift social paradigms in the field.

  • Empowered Endings Medical Group

Empowered Endings Medical Group, established in 2017, includes doctor + doula model of End of Life care and counseling, End of Life options, and planning. It provides a collection of doulas with differing skill sets: social workers, Spiritual Counselors, Grief Counselors, therapists, nurses, and more.

  • Empowered Endings Foundation

Empowered Endings Foundation, EEF, is a charitable organization, a 501(c)(3), currently offering financial assistance for End of Life options to those in need and bereavement support for all who have lost a loved one through MAiD via a weekly virtual support group and regular workshops.

  • Empowered Endings Institute

Empowered Endings Institute, EEI, offers training and certification programs for healthcare professionals and community members who want to become End of Life experts and learn the values and practices that facilitate the Empowered End of Life


  • Empowered Endings Medical Services Organization

The Medical Services Organization manages the Empowered Endings Medical Group and will license and train doctors and doulas to replicate the model in their communities. Processes and protocols are documented for roles and responsibilities, technologies, and vendor services.

All of the above leads to creating The Empowered End of Life Experience.

Learn more at www.empoweredendings.com.

Listen to Dr. Bob & Mark Here:

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