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Drop the Pain Pills: BioCare System is changing the pain relief game with LumiWave, its medical-grade pain relief device

Why should you drop the Pain Pills? According to the National Safety Council, 99 percent of physicians exceed the recommended three-day dosage limit and that 74 percent of doctors believe morphine and  are the most effective ways to treat pain.

BioCare Systems is proving that pain can be managed without opioids – empowering people to take control of their health. Their product LumiWave delivers a specialized dose of near infrared light, which triggers the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has been proven to dilate blood vessels, increase lymphatic drainage and modulate muscle repair. The uses of LumiWave are vast, from relieving pain from chronic pain (like arthritis, migraines or tendonitis) and acute injuries to promoting muscle recovery and stimulating stem cell proliferation and differentiation in stem cell treatments (PRP)

LumiWave is a medical-grade pain relief technology for easy use at home. Its 200-400 light-emitting diode (LED) array, originally designed for clinical effectiveness in the professional office, has never been available before at such an affordable cost. Automated treatment controls make the LumiWave device safe and simple to use without the risk of over-treatment or unwanted side effects. And, its compact, wearable design makes it convenient to travel with.

It takes only two controls on the LumiWave device to receive the proper dose of LED infrared energy to safely and effectively relieve pain, with out pain pills. Choose the 10-minute mode or 20-minute mode, depending on the area or kind of pain; once you start your treatment mode, the LumiWave will maintain a safe LED temperature and automatically turn off at the end of the pre-set time. Two treatments a day are generally enough to experience pain relief.

In 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted BioCare Systems, Inc. clearance to market the LumiWave® device as a class II medical device for consumers. Since then, it has been used successfully by professional athletes, sports teams, sports medicine practitioners, and active people across the country.  Today, BioCare Systems, Inc. supports both consumers and professionals with high-quality medical products, customer support and warranty protection.

air date: 4/28/17

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