Death – The Elephant in the Room!

Death may be one of life’s certainties, but that doesn’t mean you are ever prepared for it. From settling estates, to closing businesses and bank accounts, there are hundreds of issues to consider when it comes to the end of life. It can be overwhelming to deal with on your own, and it can leave those left behind in a state of grief paralysis. Yet many people avoid talking about death because it’s uncomfortable. This leaves families unprepared and unprotected.

Loss of Life (LOLA) founder, Esther Cardenas Pipoly joins Late Night host Mark Alyn to discuss best practices in preparing for or dealing with death that save time, money, and headaches, allowing those left behind to focus on coping with the heartache and moving forward with life. LOLA serves as a type of concierge service for loss by providing a wide variety of guidance options, services, and referrals for both individuals and corporations, all under one roof.

Esther founded LOLA after losing both her husband, and her father, just 63 days apart. As the executor for both estates, Esther learned first-hand the perils and pitfalls that can occur when someone is in a vulnerable position. Drawing on those experiences, along with her 20+ years in the health insurance industry, Esther designed LOLA to serve as a light for people during their darkest times. In addition to preparing for loss, LOLA continues to guide those left behind after the doctors, lawyers, financial planners, and funeral directors have all gone home. From grief counseling, to pet care, to insurance claims, to closing down a business, and more, Esther guides people through the process of death so that they can carry on with life.

The greatest gift someone can leave their family is being prepared now, so they can mourn and grieve in peace later. Find more information at:

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