Organics & Natural Health Association Petitions FDA

Organics & Natural Petitions the FDA

The Organic & Natural Health Association submitted a petition to the FDA, requesting that the agency permit dietary supplements containing vitamin D to make a health claim concerning the association between vitamin D and a decreased risk of preterm births. The nutrition trade organization has asked the FDA to acknowledge numerous studies showing an association between higher serum vitamin D levels in pregnant women and a reduced risk of preterm births. Organic & Natural Health believes that such a claim will help raise awareness of preterm births, a risk factor for pregnant women, reduce the cost of health care associated with preterm births, and empower women to take affirmative steps for the health of their children. Karen Howard, Executive Director of Organic & Natural Health spends time with Mark Alyn explaining why this is so important.

Take action on this by writing to your Congressperson. Here’s a link so you can reach them easily:

You can also visit the Organic & Natural Health Association for additional information:




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