Dealing With The Big C

When I heard the words, The Big C, like most people I thought of cancer. But once I was actually diagnosed with it that no longer held true. Now I think of The Big C as The Big Change. Obviously, your values and priorities will shift dramatically (there’s even scientific research that proves that).

But most of those life altering changes are about making adjustments to your lifestyle and because I’ve been on a spiritual path for a long time, and even published books on the subject of life’s transitions, I didn’t need a life threatening illness to help me succumb to a healthier way of living. I already ate well, exercised, meditated, treated myself right, savored the small things, slept enough, de-stressed regularly, and set boundaries, just to name a few.

Still I got sick. Ah, but there was a bigger change that was about to take place because I did. The biggest challenge for me was about getting clear on what I wanted out of life. What would that be? It seems simple enough, but most people when asked have no idea what they really want. I was no exception. So, I set about figuring exactly what I really, really wanted, which I believe is about ninety percent of achieving it. And, I want to achieve what I feel I should achieve.

Posthaste. One of the ways I did this was by utilizing a method I remember reading about years ago. Jack Canfield wrote about it in his book The Aladdin Factor. You must list 101 things that you want. And, it has to be exactly101, not nearly as easy to accomplish as one might think. You actually have to dig deep somewhere around number 50 or so. But it works. What do you want? Then make the change, The Big C, that will get you there before your time is up. However long that may be.

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