Concussion Treatment with AloeMD & Prevacus

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AloeVeritas and Prevacus unite in a partnership to promote the healing of concussions. That’s what Dr. Jake VanLandingham, founder and CEO of Prevacus, and Christopher Hardy, founder and CEO of AloeVeritas, discuss with Late Night Health’s Mark Alyn.

It has been said that what starts here can change the world because Prevacus has developed the first drug for the treatment of concussions. AloeMD, a product of AloeVeritas, mirrors and accelerates some of Prevacus’ ingredients, is an enhanced delivery system for the drug.

AloeVeritas manufactures a line of innovative and certified natural products including AloeMD. This patented composition provides drug-free, opioid-free, NSAID-free pain relief, inhibits multiple chronic inflammatory pathways and has been proven effective in lab and clinical testing.

For the first time in medical history, these two companies have tools, both existing and under development, that will treat or prevent inflammation, pain, catastrophic diseases, and concussions prior to, during or after contact sports.

In the latter instance, every day a child, adolescent or adult goes on a rink, field, court or track to play a contact sport that can cause a concussion or some form of brain injury. Helmets and headgear have done little to absorb impact or mitigate the damage. The consequences were never studied seriously until CET was discovered by Dr. Benet Omalu in 2002 yet his findings were ignored and even rebuffed until May of 2016 when the NFL acknowledged a correction between CET and football.

From treating inflammation to breast and prostate cancer prevention to alleviating acute and chronic pain… AloeMD is a non-steroidal, non-opioid cream that repairs the extracellular matrix AloeMD can influence Prevacus and its delivery to the brain. Together they will soon launch an OTC pre-game product that reduces the consequences of concussion.

Concussion Treatment with AloeMD & Prevacus

Concussion Treatment with AloeMD & Prevacus Part 2

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