Cleanlogic – Advancing theLives of the Blind and Visually Impaired

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Many people are unaware of the issues and challenges that blind and visually impaired individuals face.  My mom is blind. She lost her sight when she was 7, but she never let that stop her.  I was fortunate to watch my mom live an independent life.   My mother has always been very active in the blind community and for the past three decades she’s worked at organizations for the blind in a technology capacity. Since the age of 6 I saw how my mom’s work with technology helped other blind individuals gain their independence and secure job placements; her commitment to the greater good is what inspired me to launch a socially responsible company.

When we launched Cleanlogic 15 years ago, we added Braille to the packaging to help bring awareness to the blind community. In fact, Cleanlogic was the first American beauty brand to feature functional Braille on its packaging.  Aside from driving awareness, though, we also aimed to inspire other manufacturers to make their products more accommodating for the blind community.    Additionally, we felt it was important to channel some of our profits into supporting non-profit organizations like Lighthouse, Vision Serve, and New Vision for Independence by helping them fund their technology centers.  To do this my mom and I co-founded the Inspiration Foundation in honor of her work to advance the lives of the blind and visually impaired through the use of technology.

In watching Cleanlogic transform from being a small fish in a big pond to the #1 national brand in grocery within the bath accessories category, I look forward to the day we can proudly say that we inspired other manufacturers to design their consumer products with inclusivity in mind.

Our team is excited to be hosting a “Dining in the Dark” event this July— a unique dining experience during which guests will be invited to dine as a blind person would, if only for a moment. As they attempt to eat their dinner while blindfolded, they are made aware of the reality of a world without sight. We hope they are inspired by their experience.

Isaac Shapiro is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cleanlogic, a brand best known for its premium range of exfoliating spa products. All products in the Cleanlogic line contain Stretch Fiber Technology—a unique blend of materials which ensure a smooth, even exfoliating experience. Their exfoliating products also contain looped, nylon fibers designed to remove dead skin and reveal a soft, healthy glow. Cleanlogic products incorporate functional Braille on all product packaging in line with Isaac’s signature “Brands with Braille” mission. Of note, Cleanlogic was the first American beauty brand to feature functional Braille on its product packaging. Moreover, 2018 annual data notes that Cleanlogic is the #1 national brand in grocery within the bath accessories category and that the brand has delivered over $1.2 million in incremental sales to the category.

Isaac’s commitment to advancing the lives of the blind and visually impaired came from growing up with a mother who was blind.  Her story of how she immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico and has worked in Arizona to help other blind individuals live independent lives through adaptive technology, inspired Isaac to create Cleanlogic—a socially responsible company. He also founded the Inspiration Foundation in honor of his mother to provide adaptive technology awards to blind and visually impaired individuals who are denied services from government assistance programs. Isaac currently serves on the board of the Inspiration Foundation. He is also a graduate of Arizona State University.

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