Blessed With Energy

In her new book, Blessed with Energy, Marcy Myers, a Bioenergetic therapist, explains that everyone has an electromagnetic field that supports their physical and psychological health. Every organ, cell, and system that make up the human body is affected by the vibrational frequencies we are exposed to daily.

Bioenergetics, or energy medicine, combines physical and psychological therapies based on the understanding of how the electromagnetic flow works, how the flow can be disrupted, and how to restore balance within the all the systems. Energy medicine creates an environment for mental, physical and emotional change. Chronic fatigue, depression, PTSD, anxiety, recovery from acute physical trauma, auto immune issues – have all proven to respond to Bioenergetic therapy.

In her book, Marcy explains that our mind, body and spirit are integrated and interdependent aspects of our being. If one area is out of balance, the other areas will be affected. Fortunately, our energetic system is capable of rebalancing and supporting our physical and psychological health, she writes.

Unconscious defense patterns such as muscle tension patterns, breathing patterns, central nervous system imbalances, can disrupt the normal flow within the electromagnetic systems. These defense patterns signal where a person has come off balance and fallen into a state of discomfort or disease.

Energy medicine therapy consists of specific vibrational frequencies in a strong harmonic resonance that helps the patient’s body remember (or return to) its innate pattern of health and wellness. The therapy has no harmful side effects, is non-invasive, painless and natural. There is no manipulation of muscles or tissue, such as would be experienced during a massage.

There are several ways energy medicine can be effective. First, by moving blocked frequencies within the flow, a person immediately has more energy and vitality. Second, the release of physical tension and improved breathing patterns results in better circulation and oxygen flow, which promotes better health. The third is through self-awareness. By locating and releasing unconscious trapped emotions and shifting distortions in thinking, the real change in unhealthy patterns can begin.

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