Why Do People Take Their Own Lives?

We hear news of celebrities who seem to have it all, yet take their own lives. According to government sources, the rte of suicide is on the rise. Doctor Michelle Cohen, a licensed psychologist, sheds like on this frank and raw talk about suicide with Mark Alyn.

Doctor Michelle Cohen is a Licensed Psychologist, with a private practice in West Los Angeles. She has appeared on various television and radio shows as an expert in relationships, body language, personality profiling, and various psychological issues. She gives expert psychological opinions on the Discovery Channel, Vice TV, the Fox Network, “The Robert Irvine Show,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Inside Edition, and “The Home & Family Show.” For the past ten years, Dr.Michelle has hosted LA Talk Radio’s therapy show, “On The Couch With Dr. Michelle.”

Her website is www.talkshowtherapist.com

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