Tai Chi Chih, a joyful moving meditation

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The Chinese say that those who practice TAI CHI will attain the pliability of a child, the vitality of a lumberjack, and the wisdom of a sage.
TAI CHI CHIH ( pronounced tie-chee-chuh ) is a series of twenty flowing movements that are simple and easy to do.
These repetitive movements emphasize self awareness as they circulate and balance the body’s internal energy flow referred to as chi.
By re-balancing our energy with regular practice, we can experience greater health and harmony. As your mind and body begin slowing down, you will start to feel less stressed and more calm.

What can you expect from regularly practicing TAI CHI? Students seem to receive whatever they are seeking and most need, and the benefits and experiences reported are as diverse as the students themselves including: relieves stress improves sleep and digestion decreases pain increases energy and vitality improves balance lowers blood pressure increases blood flow to the brain improves range of motion builds muscle strength without stressing joints.
If you like knowing all the facts before saying yes to a new practice, I suggest you Google WORLD TAI CHI & QIGONG DAY.
From their comprehensive website you can type in any question you have about Medical Research on TAI CHI & Qigong. The website states that it is the #1 most used internet TAI CHI Medical Research Site and this is a great way to discover if this practice might be right for you.
Today you will find many studies singing the praises of moving meditation including The Harvard Health Letter’s reference to TAI CHI’s easy movements as medication in motion.
Why not contact your local Senior Center, YMCA or TAICHICHIH.ORG to find a local Accredited Teacher in your area.
TAI CHI CHIH’S simple rhythmic beauty attracted me over thirty years ago when I was seeking a new way to relax and move after a long work day. When my Teacher suggested I attend the intensive Teacher’s Training course, I found myself saying YES even though I had no plans to become a Teacher!

For further information contact:
Joan Roulac in Anacortes, WA
Accredited T’ai Chi Chih Teacher, 1987
Email: Joan@MountaintopMusings.com
Website: MountaintopMusings.com Office: 360.588.4018

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