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After enduring challenges that many can barely imagine, and years of frustration as he relentlessly pursued his dream of becoming a professional musician, only to run into one obstacle after another, Carl Contino discovered several fundamental principles that dramatically changed his life and produced a remarkable transformation. Contino’s company, Untapped Genius, is the cornerstone of his life’s mission – helping passion-driven creatives, entrepreneurs and others who are seeking the knowledge that will enable them to overcome the obstacles in their own lives so they can impact the world and thrive, doing what they love to the fullest.

For the past 25 years, Contino has shared the unique principles and insights into mindset and peak performance that transformed his own life with a wide range of individuals of all ages and backgrounds, from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs and executives, those who are currently homeless, and individuals in the arts including award-winning filmmakers and professional musicians, all seeking to tap into their full potential so they can make a maximum difference in the world and in the lives of others,

Contino calls the approach he developed to free the mind and tap into higher abilities “Life as a Wave” (LAW) – and the principles he shares, which have made a measurable difference in the lives of his students, emerged from a unique combination of music and electrical engineering. As Contino often shares with those encountering his work for the first time, to achieve our dreams, we must learn how to “change the channel” that the mind is tuned into. With that in mind, he introduces his students to more than a dozen “feedback loops” we can be used to gauge our state of mind, moment to moment, in real time.

Carl Contino began creating his “Life as a Wave” principles in 1997 as he struggled with several cognitive issues (ADD, dyslexia, stammering, memory loss) after consulting numerous doctors, reading over 300 books on health, nutrition, and personal growth, and relying on a daily ritual of Nootropics (brain supplements), all to no avail. As he sought to pursue his dream of becoming a professional musician, Contino unexpectedly experienced “an ‘aha’ moment” that changed his life. He noticed that a “stutter,” much like the verbal stutter which dominated his childhood, showed up when he was playing music – jazz guitar and percussion. He found that no matter how much he practiced (often 10-12 hours a day), he found that his musical proficiency was actually getting worse, not better, and none of the 40 music teachers he worked with over the years could offer a solution to this frustrating challenge.

Contino has found that the “Life as a Wave” principles have not only helped him free my mind of the cognitive issues which persisted for so many years, but also opened the doors to what he calls “untapped genius,” abilities found in the mind and body that most individuals don’t even know they possess, gifts and talents that can transform the quality of life, and what each is possible for each of us. Check out Carl’s website at 

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