Your Rattled Brain

SpineMark recently hosted an educational forum at the MAC, the world’s largest social and athletic club in Portland, OR, to announce the launch of PreVPRO. It’s a Prevacus, LLC, product that will potentially mitigate the symptoms and duration after a concussion occurs, a new, holistic, breakthrough, non-opioid treatment for pain and traumatic brain injuries, including concussions.

It will be sold over the counter for use before participating in athletics. It can also be used on the battlefield by the military. It’s applied prophylactically and is safe for use on children and adults.

Dr. VanLandingham’s back story is dramatic. He was a month away from starting a degree program in physical therapy at Florida A&M University when his world abruptly changed, and neurology and physical therapy took on a far more personal meaning, After nearly losing his life to his own TBI, his recovery was strenuous, leaving him with short-term amnesia for a year following the injury. He returned to school though and earned all As in his physical therapy program despite lacking the necessary motor skills to even drive. This was followed with a Ph.D. in neuroscience at FSU under the mentorship of associate professor Cathy Levenson, Ph.D. Their research focused on the effect of dietary zinc deficiency in recovery from a brain injury.

Marcy T. Rogers, CEO, and Founder of SpineMark, has built her executive career in the healthcare industry through the development of niche surgical centers of excellence fueled by innovation and clinical research coupled with the creation of nonprofit 501 C (3) organizations to drive education, research and care for under or uninsured. A proven leader, she has over 30 years built trust and rapport with physicians, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and public and private medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. She is an entrepreneur in spirit with a sincere passion to foster patient satisfaction and accountability throughout comes substantiating medical care. Through alliances, partnerships, and collaborations in the field of spinal care, Ms. Rogers gets things done. Her destination center model integrates and aligns stakeholders in the delivery of spine services and she has successfully demonstrated solid financial results as well as return on investment for the hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and physician groups she has managed and counseled.

SpineMark’ s mission is to create a universal standard for the spine with the help of physicians, industry, and players as well as to advance innovation in diagnostics, treatment, surgery and regenerative medicine through clinical research. SpineMark also has a consortium of early-stage disruptive device, drug, diagnostic and wellness products for commercialization.

Late Night Health’s Mark Alyn speaks with Dr. VanLandingham, President and Founder of Prevacus, and Marcy Rogers, CEO, and President of SpineMark, about traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

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Your Rattled Brain

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