I Am God in Disguise – So Are You

Craig Kolavo speaks with Mark Alyn about the spiritual revolution he’s calling for, inspiring us to go on a powerful journey towards remembering our Divine nature and energizing us to be of service in an innovative and accessible way.

It is a spiritual odyssey that rivals the complexities of the Hero’s Journey. The path is not simple and answers to questions not necessarily obvious and our resolve is often tested, but it’s well worth it.  Kolavo tells us that this journey is possible for anyone to experience.  We must surrender to the power and inspiring others on their journey. The presence of increased awareness in the world proves to us that positive change is on the horizon.

Kolavo sees an opportunity for humanity: it’s time to wake up from our collective spell of apathy and reclaim our power.  When we end our inner battle through surrender, peace will soon follow in the outer world. Surrender transforms us, leading us to collaborate with Spirit via affirmations, visualization, meditation and so much more.  In Craig’s book, I Am God In Disguise – So Are You, he takes a fresh, and often humorous approach to a subject that is often considered very complex.

He has found a way to effectively shed light on an otherwise mysterious path toward awakening. Craig’s original intent for writing this book was to share some of his discoveries during “this amazing life adventure” with his two grown children. He asked himself, “Why should my kids have to go through the same suffering and struggles that I did?”

Although this is not a children’s book, the inspirational message is universal and can easily apply to all age groups. Kolavo enjoys being of service and has donated the proceeds of the e-book to benefit www.water.org. To learn more information about Craig Kolavo please visit: www.awesOmLife.com

I Am God in Disguise – So Are You

I Am God in Disguise – So Are You Part 2

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