Women’s Incontinence – A Common Problem

Women’s incontinence is a very common issue, affecting women in a large age range spanning from 18-75 or older. In fact, it affects almost 25 million women in the United States alone. Described as the accidental leakage of urine, it is an often embarrassing and inconveniencing problem that can occur from laughing or coughing. With some citing it as a recurring issue for up to 20+ years, urinary incontinence can affect daily activities and quality of life.

Looking to offer a complete solution for women’s incontinence, FEMAXEEN® is a dietary supplement that supports a healthy bladder. Proven through a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, FEMAXEEN® has been tested and evaluated for a 45.3% reduction in incontinence within two months of use, a 90.53% participant satisfaction. Made with pollen extracts (UriCyTonin®), pumpkin seed extract, and Vitamin E, the supplement helps maintain proper bladder function, good urinary flow, and bladder health.

Distributed by DNA BIOPHARM, FEMAXEEN® has shown efficacy in supporting types of urinary incontinence. President and Founder of DNA BIOPHARM, Oscar H. Del Cid has poised DNA BIOPHARM’s mission towards helping people through quality products and worldwide growth. Leading the DNA Group to conduct business in over 25 countries and six continents, FEMAXEEN® is now available in the United States and can be purchased without a prescription. Oscar joins Mark Alyn on this edition of Late Night Health.

The second half of this show features a talk with Robert Clancy on gratitude.

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