Menopause in the Work Place – Menopause: Mind The Gap

‘The Future of Work has arrived and menopause can no longer be ignored.’ Menopause: Mind the Gap by @patduckworth available now on

It’s time to break the taboo and talk about how employers can support women at menopause. Find out how from Pat Duckworth’s latest book Menopause: Mind the Gap available now on Amazon. @patduckworth

‘Finally! A guide to help employers understand the impact of menopause in the workplace and more importantly, the actions that will support female employees’.  Menopause: Mind the Gap available now on Amazon. @patduckworth

‘This book is a welcome tool to the corporate world. Having been a CEO of different companies I would have wished we had this know-how available many years ago.’ Gerry Van Der Sluys Menopause: Mind the Gap available now on Amazon. @patduckworth

“When it comes to the workplace, talking about menopause is considered taboo even though it impacts your bottom line as a business. In her latest book, Pat Duckworth strategically shares the long-term impact of menopause on your workforce through under performance, lack of engagement and retention losses. Duckworth provides tangible solutions to handle this sensitive topic through training and resources. I highly recommend.” Dr. Shawne Duperon, ShawneTV, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

‘Talking about menopause in a workplace setting may feel uncomfortable but once you start that conversation you may be surprised how easy it can be. It’s like pushing on an open door. And there are so many benefits for employers who embrace supporting women employees at this stage. This book gives you all the tools you need to start that conversation and create an inclusive workplace.’ Sharon Livermore, Kameo Recruitment Ltd. Menopause: Mind the Gap available now

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