Why You Should Wear A Mask During The Pandemic

OxyStrap® International is a U.S. company committed to fitness and health innovation. This commitment led our team of physicians, athletes, and engineers to develop the world’s first fitness tracker which enhances safety & performance by accurately measuring your body vital signs including oxygen saturation while you’re “on the move”.

OxyStrap® is backed by rigorous research. We’ve tested our product under a wide range of conditions including high altitude research on Mt. Everest. We set out to create a noninvasive way to accurately monitor and announce real-time body vital signs while you are “on the move”, and the amazing result is the OxyStrap® fitness tracker.

The OxyStrap® Fitness Tracker was developed by a team of extreme sports athletes, engineers, and medical doctors who specialize in fitness including Dr. Ron Gertsch M.D. the lead developer and also Dr. Jeffrey Gertsch M.D., an internationally published and recognized expert in high altitude, military, and wilderness medicine. Find out more about OxyStrap® here: www.oxystrap.com 

Listen to Dr. Gertsch and Mark here:

And watch them here:

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