What’s Really in Your Supplements?

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Jonathan Selzer, PhD
VP Scientific Affairs

Nature’s Answer® owns and operates North America’s most extensive pharmaceutically licensed herbal manufacturing and quality control facilities. Located in Hauppauge, New York, our modern state-of-the art facility houses a pharmaceutically licensed, Kosher-inspected, NSF certified, Organic Certified manufacturing operation, R&D Lab, QC Dept., Microbiological Lab and Modern Warehousing Complex.

We are proud to work with our expert team of natural product chemists, pharmacognosists, microbiologists, formulation chemists and herbalists that help us to maintain our standards of excellence. Botanical Extracts are what we have specialized in for over 45 years and why you can trust that our products come from the very best of nature, dedicated people and the manufacturing practices.

Learn more about our unique facility and processes including:

  • Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology®
  • Proprietary Process for Superior Herbal Extracts
  • Sourcing the Finest Herbs
  • Water – the purest available
  • Exclusive Patents on Natural Materia
With a passion for healthy living coupled with an interest in the healing powers of plants and herbs, Frank D’Amelio senior along with wife Josephine, turned a vision into one of the largest family owned and operated manufacturers of nutritional supplements today. “What that means to our customers is the purity of our products and uncompromising manufacturing practices are assured by a deep-rooted set of values that began 45 years ago and continue to be upheld by three generations. For us, it’s more than company-wide commitment, it’s a promise made from our family to yours.”


Frank D’Amelio Sr.,  Founder              Nature’s Answer®.   








Listen to Jonathan & Mark here:

What’s Really in Your Supplements?

What’s Really in Your Supplements? Part 2





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