What Would You Do If Your Child Was Autistic?

Announcing: The  NYC Autism Tech, Innovation & Careers Expo

Saturday, October 22 – 9:00am – High School of Art and Design – 245 E 56th St, NYC

“[As] the parent of a young woman diagnosed with neurodiversity and [having extensive professional experience in this field, attending Richard Schreiber’s July 2022 NYC Autism Summit, gave me] a whole new, innovative perspective [regarding] possible imbalances in specific areas of the brain [and] I also enjoyed listening to the presentations by individuals diagnosed with various types of neurodiversity [as they shared] strategies they had found most helpful as they have navigated through their lives.”

Kimberly S-Ceccarelli, BCBA, LABA

Massachusetts Public Schools

(NEW YORK, NY – October 17, 2022) Like countless parents throughout the U.S., and especially the millions whose family includes a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), New York resident Richard Schreiber has seen firsthand how challenging the past few years have been, due to emergency health precautions, mandated learn-at-home education and other pandemic-related factors.

On October 22nd, Schreiber and a panel representing a wide range of expertise in the field of working with young people affected by ASD, will come together to present the 2022 Autism Tech, Innovation and Careers Expo at New York City’s High School of Art and Design.  The topics covered by a variety of presentations are all designed to showcase innovative new developments and breakthrough information designed to make life easier for these families, and to empower young people living with ASD. This all-day event will also feature important new information from global experts on the latest technological breakthroughs, innovative products and new career opportunities designed to provide a bright future for all young people.

For more than six years, Richard Schreiber and his wife Maggie considered a wide range of pharmaceutical, behavioral and therapeutic approaches as they sought to make their daughter’s life easier.  He recalls many years of frustration as they tirelessly explored various ideas shared by the medical community, many of which proved to be ineffective. Katarina at her elementary school graduation told her dad, “For six years here nobody wanted to be my friend.” It was a watershed moment for Schreiber’s family.

That ultimately led the Schreiber family down a path towards more holistic, alternative and more innovative supports for Katarina which transformed her years later into the young woman she is today—drug free and confident in herself and her abilities.

This year, recognizing the powerful impact that the right solutions can have for children and families, Richard Schreiber has teamed up with numerous respected experts and innovators to showcase a wide range of new ideas. “Most of the parents in the autism community who I’ve spoken with over the years,” he says, “are just as dissatisfied with most of the so-called solutions offered by the mainstream autism service organizations, and they are desperate for approaches that make a genuine difference.”

The breakthrough ideas and helpful tools that attendees will encounter at the October 22nd event include:

–       Essential oils that can provide therapeutic comfort to children with autism without the risk of any side effects

–       “Brain Balance,” a new program that has been endorsed by the Harvard Business Review that focuses on the neurological aspects of autism, in contrast to behavioral aspects

–       A fascinating showcase on Virtual Reality eLearning developed by Floreo Tech, the first behavioral therapy metaverse, which helps guide young people through challenges and difficult situations in a safe, controlled VR environment that makes learning fun

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