What Do Your Dreams Mean?

Lauri Loewenberg HeadshotLauri Quinn Loewenberg is a professional dream analyst and author of the book Dream on It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life. She is best known as “Dream Expert to the stars” and has been featured on hundreds of radio stations across North America and the UK and on national television shows such as The Today Show, Dr. Oz, The View, Good Morning America, Daily Pop on E! and more. Thanks to a series of recurring dreams,  she is also a prominent Pin Up Artist and resides in Tampa, FL with her handsome hubby, musical son and her overlord Sigmund the rescue kitty.

As a professional dream analyst, I help people improve their lives by understanding their dreams. Dreams are the way the subconscious mind communicates with us about the deepest, fundamental parts of our self: upbringing, experiences, behaviors, beliefs, motivations and fears. When certain areas of our lives are not progressing as desired, our dreams act as insightful guides. They illuminate the origins of these challenges and frequently present solutions for rectifying them. The only problem is, they speak to us in a symbolic language. This is where my expertise becomes invaluable.

Using my extensive knowledge of dream symbolism, archetypes, psychological theories, and knowing the right questions to ask the dreamer, I am able to make the connections between every single element of the dream and the dreamer’s personal experiences, current struggles and the underlying emotions at play. In other words, I find exactly what is causing the dream, what the dream means and the guidance the dream is providing to move the dreamer forward. Dreams don’t just mean something; they equip the dreamer with the tools to identify patterns, overcome obstacles, and unlock their true potential.

Like I always say, dreams are messages from you, to you, about you, in order to improve you. Learn more about Lauri here: Dream site

Listen to Lauri and Mark:

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