Taking Care of Your Brain!

Dear anyone suffering from brain fog or brain disease,
Are you noticing more days of foggy thinking, memory loss, lack of focus and concentration? If the answer is yes, welcome to the fastest growing problem on the planet. It is estimated that 35.6 million people are currently living with dementia worldwide, and that number will nearly double every 20 years, reaching 115.4 million in 2050(1). And this number does not include those walking around with “brain fog,” characterized by a clouding of consciousness or thinking and those experiencing simple memory loss.
If you want to get your life back, feel like yourself again and Just feel RIGHT, then this is the most important recording you’ll listen to all year.
Here’s why…
More than one million adults in the U.S. are diagnosed annually with a chronic brain disease or disorder. -Family Caregiver Alliance
There is a secret to getting your life back though… “For a lasting solution to any health challenge, you must go up-stream and remove the cause.” -Dr. Dan Pompa.
A Study using a Multi Therapeutic Approach (MTA) as a Solution:
10 people with dementia were put on a program of strict dietary changes along with a specific supplement regimen that supported brain function. Six out of the ten participants were unable to work due to the severity of their condition. Remember, at this stage, there is neither help nor hope for these people…or so we are told.
The Results:
● 9 out of 10 in the study improved subjectively and objectively in 3-6 months
● The 6 that were not able to work before the study were able to return to work
● Improvements were sustained 2.5 years after study
Every minute you wait is a minute that could put you past the point of no return.
According to UN News: Up to 1 billion people, nearly one in six of the world’s population, suffer from neurological disorders, from Alzheimer and Parkinson disease, strokes, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy to migraine, brain injuries and neuroinfections, with some 6.8 million dying of the maladies each year. Brain fog is literally the very 1st symptom of brain disease.
If you are interested avoiding any of this…. Please call the number below to learn more.
In fact, here’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll learn…
● You’ll discover the most effective and safest method of fixing the cells of your brain
● You’ll understand exactly what to do and more importantly what not to do
● You’ll skip past all the common mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST from getting their lives back
No more forgetting where the car keys are or what you were supposed to be doing today… or if you took your medication… or just thought about taking your medication. And you’ll have a TON more money when you save on all the wrong supplements and drugs! When you finally have a clear mind, think about how good you’ll feel when you know you’ll be able to treasure the memories you’re making.

You have nothing to lose because it’s absolutely FREE…
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In good health,
Dr. Laara Van Bryce
Expert in Neurotoxicity and Cellular Inflammation

1. Study of 10 people : The Center for Genetics, Nutrition and Health
2002 Oct;56(8):365-79.

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