So-Called Heart Healthy Foods You Need to Breakup With

Benefit or Bust: So-Called Heart Healthy Foods You Need to Breakup With

If certain foods have been proven by science to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce inflammation and fight plaque buildup, then why do 600,000 people die of heart disease each year in the United States? There has been a huge campaign to encourage Americans to eat a heart healthy diet but it has failed to lower heart disease statistics largely because marketers continue to disguise unhealthy foods as healthy or sustainable. For nearly two decades certain foods have been touted as heart healthy, like salmon, red wine, oatmeal and granola.

The Herbal Pharmacist, David Foreman says the reality is these foods may not be as heart healthy or sustainable as labels lead you to believe. On this episode of Late Night Health, Foreman will share four so-called “heart healthy” foods that you should stop eating now and the nutrients to SWITCH TO that can supercharge heart health benefits. For example, should we really be eatng salmon or is taking krill oil a better choice? Foreman will also share how the omega-3 index test may be an important tool to knowing if you are getting the right omega-3s from the right sources at the right time for heart disease prevention.

Join Late Night Health host, Mark Alyn as he discusses heart health and nutrient support with The Herbal Pharmacist, David Foreman, that can lead to healthier living.

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