Love Your Dentist!

Only 7% of people see their dentist regularly every six months. And that most people don’t ever visit the dentist until they feel acute pain. On this edition of Late Night Health, Dr. Sam Low will let you know why that may be too late. We’ll find how your teeth and gums are linked to your overall health, what you can do to improve that.

The latest laser technology can change what it means to be, or visit, the dentist. Traditional high-speed drills cause chips, cracks, excessive health and pain in nerves. That may explain why people don’t like going to the dentist regularly. Adults and kids face challenges with sedation, time lost from work or school and issues that can get worse over time if they’re not taken care of in time. Our guest is changing the face of dentistry in the world.

Harold C. Flynn, CEO of Biolase says, “We have hard tissue challenges with mechanical high-speed drills. Technologists now realize quality of care needs to come first. Biolase actually maintains periodontal ligaments and it’s a deterrent for decay.”

Biolase also does away with sedation. It offers patients no shots, no syringes. Biolase can reach gum lines without anesthesia, zero medications so no dry mouth. It uses room temperature water laser, which uses energy as micro explosions. It removes numbing time about ten minutes, and takes 30% shorter than a traditional procedure, so less time in the dentists chair and more time feeling healthy. For more contact

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