Slow Aging With Egg Yolks – the Latest Research

Greg Macpherson, biotechnologist, pharmacist and author of “Harnessing the Nine Hallmarks of Aging,” says the source of some of the best immune nutrients can be found in egg yolk, but simply serving them up for breakfast may not be enough. In the late 60s, egg yolks got a bad rap for raising cholesterol. Half a century of research later this was proved wrong and eggs were cleared of any wrongdoing that could result in increased health risks. In fact, quite the opposite was discovered – there’s a lot in that golden, yellow yolk that positively benefits bioactivity, or actions that promote good health. 

During the conversation Greg and Mark explore the following:
• Researchers have discovered that eggs are also a great source of potential nutraceuticals.
• The “hero nutrient” of eggs, IgY, reduces inflammation and targets the bad bacteria in your gut, where 70% of your immune system resides, by targeting foreign bacteria and viruses.
• By freeing up the immune system to do its day-to-day job, research shows IgY can reduce your body’s recovery time from everything from a nasty bug to weekend warrior activities.

They share the latest news about eggs including the three nutrients found in egg yolk that help improve immune health: 
• zinc
• vitamin D
• IgY – immunoglobulin yolk

Greg Macpherson is a pharmacist, biotechnologist, cellular health expert and author of, “Harnessing the Nine Hallmarks of Aging: to live your healthiest life.” For more than a decade, he has been working in the biotechnology sector, specifically focusing on the aging process at the cellular level. This work led him to discover ways to harness the nine identified, scientific hallmarks of aging, which is the premise of his book that addresses the natural aging process, how to age more favorably and simple strategies to slow the aging process and build a functional healthspan. Beyond theory and concept, Macpherson has used his entrepreneurial spirit to further develop solutions to this new paradigm of aging, described in his book, by launching SRW Laboratories, a science and research-based company that curates the latest biotechnology research to formulate natural products designed to help slow the onset of aging and disease, and develop evidence-based solutions for those who are experiencing age-related health concerns or who want to improve their healthspan. SRW, which stands for Science, Research and Wellness, is Macpherson’s natural world laboratory that will develop the preventative formulas for cellular health from nature required to slow down the aging process based on the nine hallmarks of aging, which include mitochondrial dysfunction, telomere attrition and cellular senescence, to name a few. With aging being the single biggest risk factor for developing disease, Macpherson’s mission to slow the aging process at a cellular level could help millions of people delay the onset of diseases associated with advanced aging like Alzheimer’s and heart disease and increase healthspan.

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