Sensuous Lips Can Be Yours!

Renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Benjamin Stong of Kalos Plastic Surgery in Atlanta has developed a Superior, Cutting-Edge Procedure with his Perialar Lip Lift
The innovative new lip lift from Dr. Stong improves on the subnasal lip lift by removing tissue around the nostrils, providing a better, more natural-looking lift to the lips.
As part of his commitment to achieving optimal cosmetic outcomes for his patients, Dr. Benjamin Stong has developed the Perialar Lip Lift for a more complete facial rejuvenation and improved lip aesthetic.
The subnasal lip lift has been the standard for lip lifts, but Dr. Stong’s Perialar Lip Lift still minimizes the appearance of incisions and scarring, and creates a better, more balanced lift. Individuals considering a lip lift and who are concerned about the downsides associated with lip fillers or are poor candidates for lip fillers will especially benefit from Dr. Stong’s novel lip lift technique.
“The subnasal lip lift came up short in what it could accomplish, and I felt something more needed to be done. My determination that the nostrils held the key to a better procedure was central to developing the Perialar Lip Lift,” says Dr. Stong. “The new procedure works by creating an inconspicuous incision around the nostrils, removing skin that lifts the entire upper lip broadly from corner of mouth to corner of mouth,” adds Dr. Stong. “Unlike the subnasal lip lift, the Perialar Lip Lift also shortens the width of the upper lip, delivering a more complete lip rejuvenation. It can even soften the appearance of the nasolabial folds. In this manner, better facial balance is achieved, and tooth show is enhanced when someone smiles. I’m really proud of this new technique and results.”
Peer endorsements of the Perialar Lip Lift already include two top experts in the field. “I’ve known Dr. Ben Stong as an expert surgeon for many years, and his latest innovation on the lip lift is going to make a lot of patients very happy. In fact, it has the potential to become the new gold standard in the field,” says Joe Rousso MD FACS, a top Facial Plastic Surgeon based in Manhattan. “A woman’s lips are central to the image she presents to the world. Her lips are also the essence of her sensuality. Dr. Stong has developed a better way to enhance a woman’s lips and put her best face forward with his Perialar Lip Lift,” added Nicolas McLean MD, a leading Plastic Surgeon in Medellin, CO.
The Perialar Lip Lift is also an excellent alternative for individuals who have had bad experiences with lip fillers or whose lips seem out of balance following facial cosmetic surgery. The additional benefits include:
  • Lifting the outer portions of the red lip more broadly to the corners of the mouth
  • Improving balance by decreasing the width of the upper lip proportionately
  • Potentially softening and decreasing the appearance of the nasolabial folds
The Perialar Lip Lift is an outpatient procedure that can be performed using local anesthesia. If the lip lift is combined with other cosmetic procedures, general anesthesia may be required. Recovery time is usually about two weeks, with full results typically seen within two to three months. Ideal candidates have either a thin upper lip, excessive skin between the nose and the red lip, a lack of natural tooth show, or a combination of these characteristics. The procedure outcomes are permanent and are designed for adults of all ages.
More about Dr. Benjamin Stong and Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC: Owner of Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Benjamin Stong is dual board-certified and fellowship-trained in head and neck surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Stong combines his elite training, experience, and talent to provide superior outcomes in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgery. For more information on the modified perialar lip lift or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stong, please call his Buckhead office at (404) 963-6665 or visit the Kalos website at

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