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Deanna Shoss is a wife, mother, interculturalist, author, anthropologist, satirist, marketer, and fitness instructor based in Chicago. From being fired to surviving breast cancer and back surgery— Deanna knows how to get back up after life’s knocks (all with a sense of humor). From getting a dinosaur through security at O’Hare International Airport to supervising the McDonald’s PR account, to leading the League of Chicago Theaters and heading marketing for Jewish Child & Family Services, Deanna likes executing big, exciting projects and using the current tech, tools and trends in marketing to get others’ voices heard. She believes what’s scares you dares you, and that life is too short to wait until you’re ready. Whether it’s for a business or life project, there’s ALWAYS something that you can do, and those actions have ripple effects on your life. That said, the idea of putting yourself out there and being unapologetic about it can be so foreign for us, especially if you were taught different norms growing up. 

Weekly Show: Intercultural Spark

Intercultural Spark is a weekly livestream show about that spark inside each of us that drives you to spark change in the world with your mission-driven business and life projects. Through life lessons and tangible tips, these conversations show viewers that anything is possible with the right actions and attitude. Watch the latest episodes at

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Deanna brings all these experiences together in her company Intercultural Talk, helping business owners and people working on life projects make their change in the world through digital and real-life marketing. She’s helped her clients, many of whom are non-digital natives and micro-entrepreneurs, make exciting things happen including getting podcasts produced, books published, educational curriculums launched, and plays shown nationally. Deanna stopped by to chat with Mark Alyn. check out Deanna’s website

Listen to Deanna and Mark here:

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