Save A Life With The Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation


Our guest is Jennifer Flood Founder, Executive Director of Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation. Founded in 2008, the mission of The Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation is to inspire people to become living donors and to encourage kidney patients to use non-traditional means of reaching suitable living donors. Through an aggressive program, the foundation is tirelessly spreading the word that a kidney from a living donor is usually a better match than a cadaveric kidney, and reduces the risk of infection. They are three sisters from New York who were on a mission to save their father’s life. When they first learned their father had kidney disease, they didn’t want to see their father wait on the national list or have to be on dialysis. Many chronic renal candidates think there is no hope for them. Their dad felt the same way until they did their research. The three of them knew that there was hope out there and were determined to find it. Their story is simple. It is a message that conveys the courage to go beyond the norm and act upon it. It is only through courage, persistence, hope and love that we can start saving lives together.

To date, they’ve saved 11 lives and you can help them to continue to do so by voting for them at this link, where they are nominated for a Rare Life Award:

Save A Life With The Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation

Save A Life With The Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation Part 2

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