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Daniella Dayoub Forrest headshotWhy did that new diet work for your best friend, but you gained 5 pounds? Since when did that great workout regimen stop yielding results? How can you know which supplements are worth the hype and which will make you feel worse? And how can you best assess whether the changes you’ve made are truly leading to better health?

For more than 20 years, personal trainer and functional health coach Danielle Dayoub Forrest has seen clients struggle with similar questions as they navigate an ever-changing landscape of health claims and advice, eating plans and fitness fads. Too often, when the results they seek prove fleeting or elusive, they lose hope and forward momentum. They become stuck in their wellness journey.

Own Your Wellness: Giving You the Tools to Break Through Your Health Plateaus by Daniella Dayoub Forrest provides readers with the individualized approach she’s long used with her clients to help them successfully break out of their ruts and take ownership of their wellness journey. Attaining wellness is not a one-size-fits-all process but rather a unique, personalized path that is constantly evolving. In her book, she provides readers with tools, tips and strategies to create unique health and wellness plans that can be adapted and fine-tuned for a lifetime of effective transformation.

Given today’s glut of health information and easy-to-find advice, Dayoub Forrest has found that most people don’t know how to assess whether a diet or fitness routine is right for them.

She writes: “I’ll help you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. You’ll learn to assess when things need tweaking and when to pull back your efforts. Your wellness is unique and ever-changing. The diet and exercise routine you did in your twenties probably isn’t going to cut it in your sixties. Just because your friend lost thirty pounds on the keto diet doesn’t mean you will.”

Dayoub Forrest’s comprehensive approach embraces change and fits within any lifestyle program, such as paleo, keto, vegetarian or macro. She focuses on four foundational aspects of health — Nourish (Nutrition), Move (Exercise), Explore (Uncover the Best You) and Enhance (Supplementation) — and provides worksheets and exercises so readers can personalize each category’s tips and strategies into actionable steps that lead to success.

In the book, she shares:

•    Simple and easy-to-follow advice on approaching food through the lens of supporting long-term health and personalized goals. Do you want to maintain lean muscle mass or drop 50 pounds? Depending on your end goal, your dietary choices will be different.
•    A sustainable and adaptable exercise program for all ages and fitness levels.
•    Comprehensive analysis on how to track and monitor your unique health issues, as well as advice on how to approach testing.
•    Detailed information about supplements, vitamins and minerals, as well as what to ask before taking them.

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