Matchmaking Patients With Mental Health Experts


colleen-marshall-Two-Chairs-headshotColleen Marshall, MA, LMFT, is the Chief Clinical Officer at Two Chairs, a modern behavioral healthcare company that is tackling the mental health care access challenge through the lens of high-quality care and exceptional therapeutic alliance. Colleen provides over 20 years executive leadership experience in behavioral healthcare and management to her role at Two Chairs. With a keen focus on behavior change methodologies, particularly Motivational Interviewing, she has applied her

expertise to multiple start-up organizations and has established herself as a thought leader in the field. In addition, Colleen is the author of Motivational Interviewing for Leaders in the Helping Professions: Facilitating Change in Organizations.

In this conversation, Colleen discusses how a strong match between clinicians and patients is one of the most important measures of success for therapy. Two Chairs helps to make this happen by blending data, technology, and clinical expertise to ensure patients are well-matched with a clinician.  The result is a patient whose clinician is one who the patient can relate to and feel safe with, set appropriate goals, use the proper treatment methodology and help patients feel better.

Society’s attitude about mental health care continues to evolve along with the clinicians’ approach to it, but there are still obstacles to accessing it. This includes identifying the right therapist, treatment, and cost. Colleen and the rest of the staff at Two Chairs are excited about their role in breaking down these barriers and building on the growing value placed around quality mental health treatment, including easier access to it.

Listen to Coleen & Mark here:

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