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Dr. Gail GazelleJoining us on this episode is the esteemed Dr. Gail Gazelle, MD, an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, renowned physician coach and author of her new upcoming book, “Mindful MD. 6 Ways Mindfulness Restores Your Autonomy and Cures Healthcare Burnout.” Our topic tonight is a pressing phenomenon making national and international headlines: the ‘Great Resignation’ that’s causing disruption across various industries, particularly healthcare.

We’re all witnessing the unprecedented exodus from the workforce, with reports indicating that over half of U.S. workers are contemplating quitting their jobs in 2023. “The impact from so many departures continues to disrupt many industries, from healthcare to education to car manufacturing, and many more,” asserts Dr. Gazelle. But why are so many deciding that their careers, particularly in healthcare, are no longer worth the emotional toll and physical drain?

Join us as we navigate the complexities behind this disturbing trend. As Dr. Gazelle reveals, it’s not just statistics—we’re dealing with an attrition of real people, from nurses and doctors to technicians and therapists. And the repercussions? Dwindling care quality, strained emergency rooms, intensive care units, and hospital floors struggling to fill crucial roles.

Drawing on personal anecdotes and experiences of her friends in the medical field, Dr. Gazelle provides an intimate perspective on this dire situation. The pandemic has stretched an already strained system to its limits, leading to a mounting feeling of disillusionment among healthcare workers.

In this episode, we’ll tackle how we can reverse this trend and why it’s crucial for us all to “lean in and support our healthcare workers,” as Dr. Gazelle encourages. They’re the backbone of our wellbeing and that of our loved ones.

So, tune in to Late Night Health tonight as we confront the ‘Great Resignation’ with Dr. Gazelle. Together, let’s work towards understanding and addressing this urgent issue that threatens the core of our healthcare system. It promises to be a journey of critical importance. Stay with us.

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