Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle SHINE

This article was written by Sarah Vie
I am passionate about children.
I have always felt the innocence of their spirited and loving souls; their ability to be present with not a care in the world. From the first breath children inhale, they are pureness and light. There is a sense of authentic joy, peace and love within their life force energy.
 I saw this light in other children, when I was young, but I never experienced or felt it for myself. The innocence and childlike play that escaped my life, allowed  me to follow my passion. What makes children not believe in who they are and not love themselves unconditionally, as they grow into adulthood? This has always fascinated me as I was one of those children that only now has healed her inner scar.
 After many years of self exploration and self discovery, I have come to a place of understanding. As an adult now, I yearn for  that playful innocence that I missed out on while  growing up. Humor and laughter keep me grounded in that once empty placce. Seeing my life through the eyes of a child, helps bring that light energy back into my soul.
Last  year I became a “Glammy” for the first time. I met my 6 month old granddaughter recently and experienced her innocence and pure being. She is filled with lightness, love and that spirited innocence. Children are never born with the language of “not being enough” or “I can’t do that” or “I hate my body.” Those self limitations are learned. Children energetically hold on to 3 generations of unhealed pain and trauma in their DNA. The pain that their parents and grandparents were too afraid to feel or were not willing to notice. Unhealed pain will forever be a part of us, until we are willing to feel it, heal it and energetically let it go.
Allowing ourselves to reconnect to joy and unconditional love, takes practice and commitment. I see my beautiful clients struggle with releasing  those inherited self-beliefs. When we get to the “discovery” phase of my work, they realize their greatest potential and love for themselves, was only blocked by a belief system that needed an upgrade.
As an energy healer, meditation guide and Embodiment Mentor, I have helped countless women and men clear out old limiting beliefs from the shadows of their past.  In my mentoring, I use meditation, reiki energy healing and mindset reprogramming, to help clear out that generational unhealed pain that belonged to their ancestors. Part of the reprogramming and practice is learning how to reparent our inner child; helping reestablish a connection to that innocence and truth once lost.
In my new children’s book,” Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine”, now available on my website, sarahvie.com/shine, I teach children and their parents how to heal themselves by repeating a simple mantra of self-love. The words that we repeat to ourselves can make the difference in living a happy and joy-filled life. When children can connect to this self-love and not look outside of themselves for validation, they grow up with confidence and a connection to their true being.
Let’s heal ourselves, so that we can heal our children, before this next generation starts believing in the limitations of the world.
I am on my own journey now. Listening to my inner guidance has allowed me to heal the pain that I held onto for the majority of my life. My life work will be to Influence children and their parents in a positive and uplifting way and help heal the wounds of the past so that our children can be the bright light for others to follow.

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