Lessons From The Len Master

Lessons from the Len Master

But some people have an advantage; they have a parent or mentor that can deliver a world of wisdom and avoid the mistakes that come from trial and error. Ron Zayas, the author of this book, had that advantage and shares it with his readers.

The book captures knowledge passed on from Ron’s quirky father Len (the “Len Master” in the title). Using family dinners, long nights playing chess and numerous analogies, Len instructs his son on the key strategies and attributes necessary to be success at work and life.

Using short, humorous stories from his life — combined with flashbacks to the actual lessons his father provided — Ron explores ways to sell better, get more promotions, negotiate more effectively, and have the courage and strength to be who you are. All the while, the book focuses on the ethical way to succeed.

The book is divided into three sections: how to succeeding at work, learning valuable negotiation skills, and important life lessons that will help make you be a better person, spouse or parent.

This quick, enjoyable read has won praise from business leaders, critics, business school professors and every day people. Along the way, you will also explore funny and insightful stories from Ron’s life growing up as a Cuban immigrant, and his path to heading off to college at 16, becoming editor of his college paper by 18, being elected student body senate president, and then starting his first company out of college at just 20 years of age. Ron also explains how he implemented his father’s advice as he went on to start multiple successful companies.

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