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Joel Sanders practices is a unique form of “holistic dentistry” in Highland Park, Illinois, whose wide following of patients appreciate the fact that he goes beyond just restoring teeth. He cares about each person’s total health.

After graduating from Northwestern University Dental School in 1979, Joel began practicing traditional dentistry for several years. During a dental seminar, Joel met one of the early practitioners and researchers of holistic & biologic dentistry, Dr. Doug Cook, and that relationship influenced him to radically change his approach for dental care. Using all-natural products like metal-free resins and porcelain instead of traditional metallic fillings is just one example.

Joel made it his mission to educate patients on the importance of keeping their mouth healthy. “It’s important for people to know that there is a huge connection between the mouth and the whole body. Everything works together.”

Joel defines holistic dentistry as energy dentistry. “Everything begins on an energetic level before it manifests as a physical symptom or condition,” explains Joel. “Metals have electrical fields around them. What makes mercury toxic is the field around it.” Another no-no is the use of fluoride, a toxic substance found in most toothpaste. Joel advises patients to purchase toothpaste without fluoride.

“Holistic dentistry is the realization that everything you do or don’t do has a ripple effect in the body. It’s not just drilling a hole and filling it. You’ve got to recognize – how are the chemicals of the filling in a tooth affecting the metabolism?”

“Chinese medicine and meridian lines (energy lines) demonstrate that each point on the tooth is related to a specific organ,” adds Joel. Joel’s compassion is evidenced by three service missions to Ecuador, where he treated children in need, who had never received dental care.

His practice serves an array of patients – from the CEO of a large corporation in Chicago to a person in need off the streets of Chicago. Some patients fly across the country to have his special dental care.
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