Acupuncture For Health

With all of the new health treatments available, many people are looking for different methods of healing. At the top of the list is acupuncture. For thousands of years this Chinese practice healed people of stress, high blood pressure, headaches and pain. In the 21st Century this age old healthcare system now treats disorders caused by genetics.

Acupuncturist Ricardo Miranda is working on using the ancient healing method in new ways to help more patients live theirs lives healthfully. Using his knowledge of alternative medicine and scientific research, Miranda is enhancing the traditional use of acupuncture. He is exploring acupuncture treatment of chronic diseases and hereditary disorders.

DNA is no longer our destiny. We can change it. The body turns genes on and off, Understanding that mechanism helps patients decrease their chances of developing chronic diseases that run in their families. The mechanism is methylation, which actually modifies the DNA. Multiple genes control most chronic diseases including many cancers. The idea is to make sure those genes controlling various diseases are working well. Using nutrition, supplements along with acupuncture, counters the damaged DNA.

Old Chinese texts state the human body should be able to live 120 years without suffering. This is a good quality of life able to perform physical and mental activities. Epigenetics is a new area of science studying how DNA and cells work together.

Just a few years ago acupuncture did not show up as a recommended treatment by traditional medical doctors. With the on going healthcare revolution and patients desire for alternative health and drug free treatments, many Western doctors are embracing the benefits of acupuncture.

Then there are the needles! Many people are terrified of the needles and won’t give acupuncture a try. With the obvious benefits of acupuncture many people afraid of needles are taking baby steps with gentle healers to conquer their fear of needles and get the treatment they need.

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air date: 4/22/16

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