John Harper and Mark Alyn Discuss COVID -19

Radio host, programmer and station owner John Harper talks with Mark Alyn about host COVID-19 has changed lives in Florida and California. John hosts “The Overload Information Hour” in Melbourne, Florida.

Listen to Mark & John here.

And Watch Them here:


  1. Yvonne Lockbaum

    Hello John and Mark,
    My husband and I have decided to go to Disney Vero Beach the first week of June. We have been very diligent with boosting our immune system to prevent getting the virus. Can you recommend an alterative health practitioner in Vero, Melbourne or another area in the event we do come down with the virus.
    Appreciate it,
    Yvonne Lockbaum

    1. Post
      Late Night Health Radio

      HI Yvonne,

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I will ask John and send you information.

      1. Post
        Late Night Health Radio

        Hi Yvonne,

        We are looking for a practitioner in the area. John will report back to me asap. If you have any other questions let me know. Stay safe! best, Mark Alyn

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