How Real Magic is Possible

By Brent Michael Phillips

The key to creating magic in the real world lies in the equations of quantum physics. Fortunately, like using modern cars or personal computers, we do not need to understand these equations to benefit from them. So, do not worry if the previous discussion of quantum physics did not make sense to you. The more often you are exposed to these concepts, the more sense they will make, and it is not necessary to understand any of this to get amazing benefits from using the Formula for Miracles.

Quantum physics tells us that truly anything is possible, and just because something is in one place at one time means only that it is likely to still be there in the future. Nothing is certain, and anything can happen!

Let us take an example that is closer to the healing world. Say that a person has a cancerous tumor in their body, and it shows up clearly when they have an MRI scan on Monday. Newtonian physics and the billiard ball Universe would tell us that, unless we apply some external force to the tumor – like a surgery – it will still be there on Tuesday.

But quantum physics tells us that the tumor is only likely to still be there on Tuesday. Indeed, it is possible – though perhaps unlikely – that it will disappear entirely and the person will be healed, without any sort of an external force being applied to it.

From one perspective, the Formula for Miracles can be seen as a technique that adjusts and engineers these probabilities so that we maximize the likelihood of that person no longer having the tumor in their body on Tuesday. Remember, until somebody actually goes and looks at the tumor, it is both there and not there with different degrees of probability. If we are able to use a technique like the Formula for Miracles to influence those probabilities, it may disappear entirely.

Miraculous instant healing, all within the framework of physics!

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