How Breast Cancer Changed His Life!

William Travis Kukovich is a 5th generation metalsmith. He talks with Mark Alyn about how breast cancer changed his life. The cancer gave him the push he needed to pursue his passion of art and Jewelry!

A decade-long career and extensive training led to the founding of the William Travis Jewelry anchor store in 2002. William Travis has spent the past two decades creating custom designs that define originality and celebrate unique style. Clientele include celebrities, Disney feature films, and an installment at the North Carolina Museum of Art. As a winner of 17 AGTA Spectrum Awards-three alone from 2017, his cutting edge talent and innovation has brought him tremendous notoriety, establishing him as one of the most decorated designers in the trade.  With 3 JCK Design Awards, 3 JCK Jewelers Choice awards, 2 Platinum Guild Internationals and a number of other accolades, Travis continues to gain recognition due to his sheer imagination and ability to translate a vision into a tangible and wearable piece of art.

For more information about Travis -visit his amazing website at:

How Breast Cancer Changed His Life!

How Breast Cancer Changed His Life! Part 2


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