Goodbye Gobble Gobble – A Turkey Free Thanksgiving!

Does your healthy lifestyle make you feel like an outcast around the Thanksgiving table? This is the year to turn things around. If you’ve recently committed to a healthier way of eating, such as a gluten-free, dairy-free or plant-based diet, Chef Dreams says there’s no reason for you to fret. With a little planning and change in the traditional holiday mealtime mindset, you can pass on the turkey but show up to grandma’s house with some unique and better-for-the-planet side dishes to make you look like the hero instead of the zero this Thanksgiving.

Chef Chris Dreams joins Late Night host Mark Alyn to discuss delicious Thanksgiving dishes that are still crowd-pleasers the next day, including yummy Sweet Potato Croquettes, creamy Plant-Based Mac-n-Cheese, and chef-approved Mac-n-Cheese Croquettes. All ingredients and cooking tools Chef Dreams uses are healthy, organic and environmentally friendly, right down to the plant-based, compostable TIPA plastic bags!

Chef Dreams is a private chef and entertainment influencer who was featured on Food Network Canada’s “The Opener” and currently is filming three TV pilots based on the foodie and single life in New York City. Tune in with host Mark Alyn and guest Chef Dreams and learn how to literally have a “ball” twice this Thanksgiving season with a plant-based menu!

Chef Dreams recipes:
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