Joy For The Holidays

How to Have More Joy for the Holidays [part 1]
Swami Sadashiva Tirtha, D.Sc.

You enter this year’s family holiday party only to hear the same
annoying joke from Uncle Abe; your mother picks at all your life
choices, you learn your cousin the over achiever just got a
promotion, and your sibling rivalry with your sister is in full swing.
Add to this the statistics that 69% of people are stressed about
having not enough time, and are also stressed about a perceived
lack of money.
Does any of this sound like your family?
Whatever happened to ‘holiday joy and celebration’?
The good news is there are some tips that you can use before
and during your gathering that can change how you feel, and
even how others feel to recapture the joy that is there for us all.
Tip 1: Instant Energy & Healing Through the Heart meditation
I take you through this exercise in the interview. The result is the
issue you had with that person has vanished. You can now go to
the event and feel neutral or even feeling the joy and love of the
others who are attending.
This next tip helps take you from a troubled relationship to a
loving one.
Tip 2: Think about at least one time you and the person who used
to bother you had a special moment; maybe something funny, or
personal experience. And when you get to the gathering when
you see them, remind them of that time.
What you have done is take the leadership role to virtually
guarantee a positive experience will occur in that moment,
creating new joyful memories.
During a recent meditation course I teach, at the end of the
session one person shared that she just received a text from the
family member she was not talking to for a long time. They invited
her over to visit.
Try this two-step meditation and rediscover and create new joyful
memories this holiday season.
Swami Tirtha, also known as the Orange Cowboy, is a #1 bestselling author who has presented
to White House Commission on alternative medicine. His speaking clients include top medical
universities including Johns Hopkins. He has more than four decades teaching wellness &
At the age of 10 he began having divine experiences that altered his life in divine ways. Swami
survived a devastating tragedy at the age of 17 by seeking spiritual pathways, which led him to
discover his mission of spreading joy.
Swami is sought after by conscious thought leaders & their teams to develop their joy, which
improves their personal & professional lives. People who work with Swami say that their
emotional, physical, financial and spiritual health is so much better.
How he helps is as a monk, and a natural-born shaman, healer, and psychic medium/channel.
Swami’s mission is to help bring world peace through each individual finding joy in their heart
and peace in their mind. To get his word out to the masses his first screenplay is being made
into a Hollywood movie — a comedy about listening to your heart and trusting to be yourself
around others.
Swami will be back with Mark during the holiday season. Stay tuned for more!

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