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Anne Lucero headshotI’ve owned and operated Yoga Sanctuary in some capacity in different locations for about fifteen years.  It has been a blessed journey with people entering through the doors and all the eclectic places traveled to share the goodness of calming tactics.  The participants have been eight to eighty plus.   People that have connected with Yoga here at the Sanctuary and have moved away, quite often Zoom Yoga and stay in practice.

The people that I’ve had the honor to work with, bring positivity and light to their life have been school children, counselors, nurses, executives, teachers, musicians, and many with other walks of life.  It has been a pleasure to go into schools and share Yoga, meditation, calming and breathing methods.  I feel that this has been my mission and purpose in life.

The West Texas town of Midland beckoned me twelve years ago when my grandson was born.  Yoga began to build for me in this oilfield town of some of the nicest, giving people I’ve ever met.  A connection was soon made with a place called Hope House where people get assistance during and after cancer treatments.  Yoga was incorporated to boost their healing through breath, peaceful moves, and meditation.  Yoga Sanctuary has been part of Hope House for ten years now.

I’m known as Yoga Mama all over town from the schools, college, senior center, Hope House, health facilities, and more.  A challenge was presented to me about seven years ago to compile a book about the stories that have built through Yoga Sanctuary.  The challenge was accepted immediately, and testimonies began to build in an email file folder.  There they stayed, with much more information to go into a book, “someday.”  I’d much rather share Yoga with others and do most anything than sit at a desk and write.  But that is exactly what I dedicated myself to do since early 2023.  It has been named “The Year of the Book.”   I signed up for a writing course to learn the path from first word to publishing and promoting.  God, Love & Yoga (The Essence of Yoga Sanctuary) was born November 28, 2023.  Thank you, God!  Book Two will be even more amazing!

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